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Do you have sticker shock from a quote you received?

Many of the Big Box stores and larger air conditioning companies have massive amounts of overhead they have to pay for.  Truth be told most of those companies don't manage overhead well and all those costs get passed to the customer.

Do you feel like you have information and options overload?

We can provide the same quality of equipment and service for a fraction of the cost just because we manage our overhead.

Handfuls of different SEER ratings from 4 different manufacturers can make the decision making process difficult.  The bigger companies rely on this convoluted process to make it seem more complicated than it needs to be just so they can charge all that extra money to cover their overhead.

We simplify the process by providing 3 easy to choose options that work for you and your home.  25 SEER equipment is great in the right application, but most customers won't see any added value for the extra costs of a system like that.  We won't recommend  anything we wouldn't want for our own home.

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Indoor Comfort is licensed, insured, and a SW Fort Worth based company with 35+ years in the industry.

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